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  • My kind of Hockey Player..

    Flyers Star Ivan Provorov tells the fucking perverts of the Queen/Tranny/Child Molesting/'Groomer Nation to basically "Go Fuck Yourselves" ...Not that many Perverts/Queers watch the NFL but they don't like it when somebody refuses to go WOKE...

    On a side note "Phobia" means "Fear" of something or somebody...I've got news for you...Nobody is fearing the Fucking Perverts of the LBTQ Groomers Assholes...

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    Gotta Love the Babylon Bee's take on the Ivan Provorov story:

    PHILADELPHIA, PA — NHL star Ivan Provorov declined to participate in the Philadelphia Flyers' Pride Night or wear a rainbow-colored jersey, saying if he wanted to support the gay agenda he would have played soccer instead of hockey.


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      Look just because they like to jump into each others arms and play with balls does not mean their gay.


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        As George on Seinfeld would say..."That doesn't help"

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      I don't think any sports team should be participating in any of these political issues. Just shut the F up and play your game and then go be whoever you want to be. If I was a teammate on any team and they wanted me to wear a rainbow or Antifa or BLM or take a knee I would tell them to F off. I would be fine displaying a black ribbon for a fallen cop or first responder and supporting our troops in battle but the rest of this crap is off limits for me. If an NFL player chooses to wear pink spikes during a game that is his choice and I will sit back hoping he gets crushed no matter which team he plays for. Just because I like a team does not mean I like all the players on the team. Just because I agree with a particular cause does not mean I support it in a game. Just play ball and then play your silly shit on your own time.


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        All part of China's plan. Create controversy where it didn't exist. Use to be everyone stayed in their lane. Now anything that's not biologically correct has a right. If you break it down biologically, humans are supposed to reproduce as a species. I do believe that only male and female can do that. No matter what you might think is a "right" if it is not for survival and to reproduce, it is not biologically correct. All part of their plan. Create controversy and sides. Make us defeat ourselves.

        It truly amazes me and my wife how easily people are hypnotized by this stuff. All they have to do is see a news story and it's fact. See it on the latest entertainment show and it's fact. The general public are just a bunch of willing zombies. They were told to not wear mask. They didn't. They were told to wear mask. They did. Go get an experimental drug injected in their only body. They did. Just amazing how humans behave as sheep. There are many that don't follow.
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          George Orwell was no Conservative, but in "1984" he had this pegged, albeit a few decades late...


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            This is how you fight and defeat the fucking Perverts...