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  • Blast from the Past...

    This place no longer is called TW's...but I still have a old sweat shirt that fits my fall riding...the guy that owned it was Tom Williams, whom I butted head's with when it came to my semi annual inspections of the place...but we remained friends and I still drank there on occasion...the name just fit's our beloved rides to a T{W}

    TW's Pub.jpg

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    I was suspended by the Ohio High School Association 5 years ago next month, for daring to not stop giving out my Social and Political views on my blog and on Social Media...I told the bastards to "Fuck Off" and was suspended...I was 68 at the time and continued to work non OHSAA games for 3 more years, and in fact continued to work some OHSAA games, as the schools basically backed my rights...

    Several of us sued and finally this past February the case was settled out of court, we won...when they tried to give my license back I again told them of "Go fuck off"...I {we} won and I didn't care about doing any OHSAA sports...tonight however I will be working an 8 man football game in far Northwest Ohio, vs a Michigan team, so it's NON OHSAA...working this one just to poke the Middle Finger in their faces....especially the Fat Bastard name Beau Rugg who was behind the original suspension, like the good leftist bastard he is...

    So here we go Hoot's first varsity football game in almost 5 years, at 7 1/2 years of my partners is also 73 {he was also suspended but took his license back}...crazy bastards we are:

    Photo: Back before I became a "Bad Boy" who called a Spade a Spade...when I was in their Ass~ociation's good graces...

    football pat.jpg


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      Enjoy yourself......You earned it.


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        The Game ended up 26-22 in favor of the team from across the state line, two young teams, good was NOT a 8 man game, it was a standard 11 man game, my buddy, Jon fucked that up as went well, and my body held out, but the legs are telling me I was right to retire...


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          Don't tell me your getting soft Hoot...few more games an the old legs won't hurt as bad...use them or loose them they say..hope it was fun for you to get back in the game anyway...
          I will try not to blow the forum up!


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            I use them everyday...just got back from the Kokomo Howard County Vietnam Veteran Reunion, walk, walk, walk, mowed the lawn with walk behind when I got back, then officiated a game 75 miles north of here last night...doesn't mean they don't freaking work like they used to....