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Something we all should do now and again

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  • Something we all should do now and again

    Go back and do an instant replay of some of the long running discussions we have here. Compare what was said in various posts from back in 2020 and see how our opinions either turned out right or wrong 2-3 years later. Some of us did in fact have crystal balls that allowed a view of the future in crystal clarity while some others, not so much. For those who hated Trump and supported the Dems and Biden I have to ask now, How is that working out for us now? The economy is in the shitter, inflation is sky high, fuel and foods costs are through the roof and our border is in a shambles. Unbelievable how in just a couple years with assholes running this shit show things can change so drastically. You don't have to trust any of my Doomsday predictions from back before the 2020 elections. All you have to do is the math. Check your 401K or IRA and your own personal savings accounts and compare them to how they were doing back in 2019 and now. Then go back to 2019 and compare what the total National debt was then to now. If you were one of the 80 million who voted for this administration just go ahead and pat yourself on the back because I would like to stuff my boot so far up your ass you can taste the leather.

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    All going as planned. Systematically breaking the USA down. Also you must remember 80 million didn't vote for this _______ . Votes were created out of thin air. You have to give the Chinese credit....they figured out how to psychologically trick certain people into doing their dirty work. Wrong is now right. Even though deep down some folks know it. They have been brainwashed away. Good is coming though. It won't be long.
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      You have more faith than I do at this point.

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    Besides the economy Shitstorm that Gary Mentioned, all you have to do is look at the Bullshit the fucking Canuck Fool was pushing on the Jab or No Jab thread...People were dying by the truckloads from COVID...yes they were/are, but not from the fucking Flu Bug, but from the Fucking Jab and it's effects...the shit is still being pushed, much like the phony science of man made Global Warming/Climate Change...

    There are millions and millions of sheep, leftists, perverts, soccer mom's, and other fools that believe anything the elites, like Bill Gates and Doctor Phony, along with the media pushes at them...