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  • More Climate Change BS

    If you think the pushers of the Man Made Climate Change BS {Much like the Pro Vaxx Nutjobs} aren't totally Bat Shit Crazy, check out this article...

    Climate Change is Affecting Global Mental Health. Here Is What You Need to Know and What to Do About It. (

    GlobalWarmingHoax.jpg GlobalWarmingBS.jpg

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    I am so tired of these mentally incompetent wusses even being allowed to write anything. Stay in your safe room. Don't come out until the air is clear and all the people of the world are holding hands.
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      Global Warming/Climate Change is probably the biggest scam ever placed on the human race. The plan is to take massive amounts of money from the richest countries to protect the poorer countries from the effects of manmade climate changes. As a result many trillions of dollars change hands from the wealthier countries and corporations into the hands of the super wealthy Globalists and that money never gets to any of the poor countries and it never does a damned thing to change the global temperature. Countries and corporations that can afford to follow the ridiculous regulations to reduce their carbon footprints are being fleeced while other countries increase their carbon footprints. Coal to produce energy is outlawed here and in other countries while China, India and numerous other mostly Asian countries are building coal fired power plants to produce all the goods. America has clean hands but someone forgot to mention this globe called earth is surrounded in a giant bubble called the atmosphere and what goes on in China and the other countries remains within that bubble. The contaminated rain that falls in California today could have been in China a few days ago and here in NY a few days later. All the regulations did was to transfer massive amounts of wealth from the richer countries to other countries who have absolutely no interest in being involved in cleaning up our one planet encased in the big bubble. Every day I breath the dust from the wildfires out west along with the particles from Asia and even the bombs from Ukraine. If you honestly believe in all this global warming and climate change crap then you might want to help by going out and picking up dog turds but grab them from the clean end.


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        The stolen 2020 election, which there is absolute proof {2000 Mules Movie proves it} was fixed is a close second, or 1A

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      Just what I have known all along!

      I wonder how many trillions of US dollars it will take to put all of this water back in a bottle?