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How about Boots and Tires?

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  • How about Boots and Tires?

    January 2015 before the Moab Trip, I bit the bullet and purchased a pair of Garne Oil Boots {at Borneo's pushing}, and a replacement for the dreaded "Death Wing" front tire,,,7 years later those Boots are still in excellent condition, although probably have only worn them a couple dozen times {sometimes for most of entire adventure rides}...they were well worth the $300 I paid at the time...The Michelin T63 to replace the "Death Wing"? 7000 miles later it needs a change. Will I buy that one again? Probably Not! After about 4000 miles of both on and off road riding the buzzing noise is something I don't want to deal with...

    Any Suggestions for a quality, low noise, great off road front, that doesn't sound like a damn buzzsaw on pavement? TW Boots and Tire.jpg

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    Awesome boots! Making TW200 Forums Great Again!


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      Speaking of Boots and Tires...on the other site, Fred posted us these beauties ... I think he called them "Big Block 804s/805s" but not sure, I got distracted...

      TW Tires.png


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        Had to look twice ...there are two in the pic ...
        I will try not to blow the forum up!