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Hoot and Montezuma Plan their Next TW Adventure

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  • Hoot and Montezuma Plan their Next TW Adventure

    Montezuma was putting new seat covers on his 1997 Jeep Wrangler yesterday, some of about $15000 in upgrades he has done to it in the last 2 years, so I went over to "Help" or at least watch him work After that was finished, I pulled out a couple of good hand rolled Buffalo Trace Cigars, and he opened up a bottle of Crown Royale Peach Whiskey...over cigars and drinks over the next 2 hours or so we discussed what our next TW adventure plans would be...

    After the Southeast Ohio ride back in October, we had somewhat decided to make a Florida Run in February, and that might happen, but we are also looking at a Black Hills Ride perhaps in May...time and our health will tell the tale...Meanwhile, Smoke Em if you got Em' and a toast for Christmas

    Homely Old Spuds ain't we?

    Pat Smoke .jpg Nick Smoke.jpg

    Crown Royal Peach.jpg ​​​​​​​