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My first full size road bike

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  • My first full size road bike

    Mine was the 1972 pretty blue one that was nothing less than scary. I lived to tell the stories.

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    Mine was a 1978 Honda CX-500. Pretty tame but it handled well.


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      I had my jugs ported and polished and installed a set of Bill Werges Tuned expansion pipes. The H2 was an animal in a straight line and sub 12 second quarter mile runs were common but the bike had a very weak frame and a really bad high speed wobble I corrected with a steering stabilizer piston. Mine was pushing over 80 HP after the work and while still under warranty the cheap roller chain snapped and took off the entire side case and nearly my foot in the process. The dealer repaired it and installed the same junk chain but I replaced it with a DID O ring chain. Back in 1973 we had a lot of fast muscle cars here and I beat them all. I bought the bike new for $1300 and raced a Shelby GT 500 Mustang for $500. He claimed his tires were garbage and a week later he got new treads and raced me again and lost another $500. The only car that even came close to beating me was a Hemi Cuda and the only bike that got close was a Kawasaki 500 triple that was highly modified. All the motor heads in my town hated me on my rice burner but none would race me for money after I whipped the cuda. I do think if a few of those cars back then had much better tires and better grip a couple could have beat my bike. Their problems all began the minute they dropped the hammer and just smoked the rubber while I was gone. The guy with the Hemi Cuda still has it and he still hates admitting I was the only one to ever beat him. After I sold the bike he did some mods on the Cuda allowing for wider rear tires and he came looking for me to try again. Glad I had sold the bike because he was running low 11s at the track. His dad owned the Dodge dealership in town so he had unlimited resources. Truth be told I was always more interested in riding the dirt.


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        250 Kawasaki f11 Dual Sport was the first bike...1974 Kawasaki 900 was the first street bike, ran like a raped ape...but was better handling that Gary's 750...