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2021 vs. 2022 TW200?

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  • 2021 vs. 2022 TW200?

    Any difference technically between these two years? Both are new; if 2021 model is list $100 less than this year any reason to get 2022?
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    $100? Guess it depends on which color you like....?

    When I bought Ol Blue in March of 2014 I could have gotten a 2013 for a few bucks less, but I like the color scheme of the 2014, so it was an easy decision...

    tw200 007.jpg


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      I would be leaning towards a 22. In 21 they were completely freaking out over the china-virus. No telling how the 21s were assembled. Might not make a difference but if I had to choose, that is why.
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      • Guitar Whiskey
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        Good point. Hadn't tought about that.

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      That is a good point ...but you had me with the $100 bucks...what's this site coming to ...all this TW talk...
      I will try not to blow the forum up!


      • Hoot Gibson
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        I know, what are we trying to do, ruin this place???

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      Since so little changes on the TW from year to year I think I would play the dealer. Color is probably the only real difference so act like your in love with the 2022 but try to snag the 2021 Left Over for a few hundred less making like you are taking it off his hands.